Doha College One Day Training conference

Doha College in honoured to host a one day training conference. 

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ODTC is the second conference run by our organisation, after the flagship annual DCMUN in November.

We strongly believe that conferences are events that everyone should be able to attend. Although, admittedly, they can be quite a nerve-racking event for some of the younger delegates out there, or perhaps even some older delegates who may have less experience.

As a result of this, DCMUN started hosting their very own training conference. ODTC (One Day Training Conference). This conference aims to first and foremost educate incoming delegates about what a MUN Conference is like. It is carried out in full parliamentary procedure, but the Chairs are implored to give a helping hand. The debates are a bit more relaxed, and overall it takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere

As a result of this, if you're a newer delegate, or just someone looking to build experience. We highly recommend you give DC ODTC a shot!


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