Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the potential benefits of taking part in MUN for me?
A: MUN allows you to enhance your public speaking skills and develop a broader horizon. It increases your level of confidence and also raises awareness to important issues around the globe, which you may have never drawn attention to before. What some people may not realise is that MUN is about more than just research and debating. Through MUN, you learn more about the world that you would in any classroom, and you begin to understand the problems that affect millions of people every day. MUN conferences give you the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, and this allows you to understand more about your fellow human beings. But most of all, MUN is fun, and the conferences always leave you with a wealth of memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. MUN provides you with a new, unique way to look at things, be it politics, the environment or how to get the phone number of a potential future leader.
Q: How do I sign up for MUN?
A: We recommend starting MUN at the start of either the school year, or after the winter break. To sign up, just come to the meetings after school every Tuesday in the Auditorium. Note that only students in Year 8 and above can participate.
Q: What makes DCMUN so special?
A: DCMUN has a fantastic atmosphere about it. Delegates and chairs come from around Doha College, Qatar and since last year from around the world too. Furthermore, the conference sees delegates of a wide range of experience which makes for debates where all delegates can be involved to their full potential. But to really answer that question, you will just have to attend the conference yourself and see!
Q: What are the posts available to me in MUN?
A: When attending a conference, you sign up to be a delegate, press member, or admin staff. Delegates participate in the debate and help pass resolutions. Press team members document the conference as reporters, photographers or as a part of the film crew. Admin Staff aid the smooth running of the conference by facilitating tasks such as printing, distribution of food and in the organisation of equipment. If applying to the ICJ, you will sign up as an advocate. More experienced members of the club will sign up to be student officers, and if applicable, to the Executive Team.
Q: In a MUN conference what do you do as a delegate?
A: A delegate is a student who, represents a country in a certain committee. You present and argue your country’s views and opinions instead of your own. You are expected to make a resolution and position paper. Don't worry, you will be trained how to do this. 
Q: Why should I be Admin Staff?
A: By being an Admin member you can experience what a MUN conference is like and gain a better understanding of what is happening. It is a great opportunity for first time MUNners and experienced MUNners alike. The Admin Staff are the backbone of the conference and help make the conference run as smoothly as possible.
Q: I have never done MUN before, what help can DCMUN give me to prepare me for my first conference?
A: If you are a DC student and want to be a part of MUN you will have to take part in pre-conference training (no matter how experienced you are). Obviously special preparations are made for those who are taking part in MUN for the first time so you will be very well prepared by the time that you take part in your first conference.
Q: What does MUN actually do for me?
A: Well it really depends on what you are doing in MUN and what your life ambitions are. Participating as a delegate will obviously help you in becoming a member of the UN, but it may also help in becoming a lawyer or even an activist- this is because it shows that you have the ability to speak articulately and proficiently, even on the spot. A member of the Press team could perhaps get into advertising or journalism. Regardless of your position, MUN can be used in your CV for many different points that may help you get into universities around the world.
Q: What are the requirements for DCMUN if I am looking to use it for International Award?
A: This thoroughly depends on what level you are taking it at. At Bronze level, it can be used as a skill if attendance and participation is for a period of three months. It can be used as a skill for Silver as well on the condition that you will be exploring different areas and roles within the club.
Q: What is the procedure for signing off MUN in my Record book for International Award?
A: You have to type up a brief account of your experience in the club and how you believe you've gained from the club. Print this off to an appropriate size, so that you can stick it in to your record book. Get the account checked by Ms Conly, and once she approves, stick it in and get the record book signed.
Q: What are the conferences hosted by Doha College MUN, and what structure do they follow?
A: Doha College MUN hosts two conference every year. The inaugaral, flagship conference- DCMUN- generally takes place during mid-November and is held over two days. The club hosts more than 600 delegates during this time, with numerous roles to choose from. More recently, a One Day Training Conference has been set up, due to the overwhelming success of DCMUN. Here, delegates can prepare themselves for the rigours of the bigger conference. 
Q: Can Year 8's be part of the Admin Team?
A: Year 8s can be part of the Admin Team - you will receive training on this essential role.