Staff Co-Directors

Ms. Denise Thompson - Deputy Director 2016

I have always admired what students are able to achieve at MUN; it is a special experience to be able take part in a country where so many cultures are represented within one school.  Qualities our students demonstrate include: leadership; collaboration; communication; enthusiasm; and debate – which all help to prepare students for life in a global society.  What a wonderful opportunity to mix with others in an international arena to discuss international issues.  I look forward very much to participating in this extraordinary activity.





Ms. Amanda Stafrace

I volunteered to join MUN as it appeared intriguing, a novelty.  MUN is very different from any other activity that I have ever engaged with.  Being a scientist by profession and a musician by passion, economic and political conflicts never really caught my attention for very long.  In some odd way however, whilst MUN is extremely different from my daily science oriented responsibilities, there are similarities.  In fact in both there is scope for thinking outside the box and both need problem solving skills. Furthermore, I realise that MUN not only helps participants keep up with global issues but it also provides an excellent opportunity for international and multicultural exposures.  We are living in a period of large political unease.  Daily news is flooded with conflict. I enjoy how MUN sheds hope for future generations.  It sets the mind of participants to not look for faults but to find a remedy.




 Ms. Nicola Calvert

Hi there! My name is Mrs Calvert and I’m an English teacher here at Doha College. I have not been involved in MUN before, but I have been involved with the UN itself. Prior to becoming a teacher a good few years ago now, I worked in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and spent time at the UN in New York and in Geneva. That was a great experience and I do hope that it will be a useful one for all students who are part of the MUN family at Doha College. I have also trained both adults and students in negotiating, debating and presenting skills and this, I hope, will also be of use to you all. Naturally, as a teacher of English, I take great pleasure in good grammar, often judging my friends’ intelligence by their use of the semi-colon… Whilst perhaps not making me many friends, this skill should be rather useful to the Press Office which is where I will start my MUN adventure.