Executive Team Big 6

President: Sanjith Ganesan

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity.” – Roy T. Bennett. His words encompass and explain MUN’s goal. My name is Sanjith Ganesan and for 2017 I have the honour of being the President of Doha College Model United Nations. Through MUN we hope that those – whether speaking or listening – learn of the vast opinions of each individual hence developing a wider perspective of the world. But, more importantly to build confidence within yourself as it has done to our members. Our team will continue the great work of the previous team and will oversee conferences to ensure they operate effectively simultaneously creating an enjoyable experience for all. And when all is said and done, we hope that when the time comes – you can act. I look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming conferences. Best wishes.


Secretary General: Jeeveththaa Thirugnanasambanthar

Hi! My name is Jeeveththaa Thirugnanasambanthar and I am honoured to be the Secretary General for DCMUN 2017. I have attended 10 conferences throughout my MUN journey and this opportunity has allowed me to meet new people, widened my perspectives and allowed to express my opinions by discussing vital issues that affected the lives of thousands of people. MUN gives delegates a platform to express themselves freely about pressing world issues and collaborating with others to find practical solutions to the issue. It gives us the first step towards making a change and leaving our mark in the world. As Secretary General this year, my job involves planning and setting up the conferences and looking over the day-to-day proceedings of the club. I hope that this year our conferences can reflect a sense of belonging and vitality to all those who attend and they leave with memorable experiences and lifelong lessons. I can’t wait to see all of you!


Deputy Secretary General: Nafe Ahmed

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Hi, I'm Nafe Ahmed and this year I have the privilege of serving as your Deputy Secretary General for Doha College Model United Nations. MUN has time and time again been an amazing platform for students to get together and share their thoughts and ideas on current global issues. As an avid participant of the MUN initiative for 3 years, getting to understand real-life issues and making my opinion heard is something I have found fascinating. I hope that the executive team and I will make this year's conferences memorable ones.





Deputy Secretary General: Nick Belsten

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 Greetings, I’m Nick Belsten and I will be one of the new DSGs at DCMUN this year. Previously being the Deputy Head of Communications last year, I’m proud to step up this year and help run the club at a high level, which I pledge to do to the best of my abilities. One piece of advice I’d give to those new to the club would be go to as many conferences as you can, starting with training conferences, which will give you a wealth of experience, helping you achieve student officer and executive positions in the future, speaking skills, and most importantly, you will have a lot of fun and meet new friends. I hope to see you all at DCMUN.



President of the General Assembly: Pranav Pradeep

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Hey there! I’m Pranav Pradeep, and I’m your President of the General Assembly for the calendar year of 2017. I’ve been actively participating in MUN conferences since I was in year 9, and the uniqueness of MUN never fails to impress me. What compels me to do MUN is what it has taught me. MUN has taught me to be more confident in public, it has given me the ability to hold a conversation people I’ve never met before and it has taught me how to debate effectively against others. During my time as PGA, I hope to work together with the rest of the executive team to make sure that each conference lives up to its potential. I hope to see you soon, debating in your own committees!



Secretary General of Middle School MUN: Lara Hamidi

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Hey everyone! My name is Lara Hamidi and I am honoured to be Secretary General for Middle School MUN. Model United Nations has always been a fun and educational experience, although I have been to many conferences, I never get bored; MUN never fails to fascinate me. I will never stop admiring this club as it has taught me so many valuable life lessons that I can use for the rest of my life. I think the biggest thing it taught me is to speak out for what I believe and this in time will teach us how to be the most productive members of society. This year I hope to work hand in hand with the executive team to try and make MUN a friendly and fun experience for everyone. I hope you all enjoy our future conferences, thank you and good luck!





Deputy Secretary General of Middle School MUN: Naveen Anthony

It seems almost mandatory I begin this with an uninspired greeting like ‘hi’, ‘hello’, or ‘hey’. So here goes: Hello! Naveen Anthony is the name, serving as the Deputy Secretary General for MSMUN over the forthcoming year will be the game. My origins in MUN lay back at DCMUN VII as a delegate; I can’t entirely remember if I spoke or not. Since then, I have attended many more successful conferences learning several crucial skills along the way. However more importantly, I have been lucky to meet so many people from all around the world who share a strong drive, passion, and resilience. It is these skills, unattainable from within the classroom, MUN brings out in an individual. My role is to instil an initial knowledge and confidence within the youth of MUN and prepare them for their future endeavours in the club. Due to this, I would like to apologise as I will constantly push, pester and motivate you to improve. Remember; even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit still.



Head of Admin: Ridhima Kaul

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Hello everyone! My name is Ridhima Kaul and I will be serving as your head of admin for this year. I have been participating in MUN for the past four years and I have attended various conferences as chair and delegate in various different platforms. I will be working alongside my deputy Tajwaar to ensure the conference will run smoothly and that you enjoy your MUN experience to the fullest. Within my role, I will be doing the best of my ability to set up the conference; this ranges from setting up rooms and printing badges to training our admin to help out in committees! I hope to see you all at the conference!





Deputy Head of Admin: Tajwaar Shafiq

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Hello! My name is Tajwaar and I have the pleasure of being the Deputy Head of Admin for DCMUN this year. My MUN career started in Year 9, when I went to my first conference, THIMUN. Being thrown into the deep end was quite the experience and since then I have been a part of 8 conferences so far, as a Chair and as a Delegate. MUN is about stepping outside your comfort zone, meeting new people, speaking in front of a crowd and sharing your opinions and getting them across to people. My job as the Deputy Head of Admin consists of working with the Head of Admin to run the conference. Whatever you see or do on the conference was probably organised by Admin, from the food to the desk arrangements; we do it all. Hopefully, this will be a great year for the DCMUN community. I look to forward to seeing all of you at both the conferences this year!



Head of Communications: Ibrahim Din

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Hello, my name is Ibrahim Din and I’m DCMUN’s Head of Communications. This means that I’m in charge of DCMUN’s social media. My major responsibility is the DCMUN website but I am also responsible for our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. I first joined MUN in year 9 and soon after signed up for THIMUN, the biggest conference in Qatar. Maybe not the best idea for one of my first conferences but I enjoyed it none the less. So much so that I attended many more conferences in a variety of roles. I look forward to fulfilling my role to the best of my ability and working with this year’s outstanding executive team.



Head of Training: Rena Ghani

Unknown 5Hi, my name is Rena Ghani and I am delighted to be serving as Head of Training of DCMUN for this year. MUN has been an enormous part of my life since first joining in Year 9, attending nearly 12 conferences in total. MUN has fuelled my passion for learning about world affairs and has offered brilliant opportunities to meet other students to discuss and debate these issues, allowing us to widen our knowledge even further. Not to mention, it has also allowed my confidence to grow and flourish, becoming more adept in my speaking skills; certainly a huge difference from starting as a reserved Year 9 student. As Head of Training, I will ensure that the DCMUN after school sessions will be filled with engaging activities that both inexperienced and experienced delegates can participate and enjoy, by learning new skills, or sharpening them. Along with my deputies, we aim to make DCMUN more enjoyable and allow the growth of a wider school community to participate and share this fantastic experience. I look forward to seeing you soon at our future conferences.




Deputy Head of Training: Aruzia Iqbal

Unknown 4Hey, I’m Aruzia Iqbal and I am delighted to be one of your Deputy Heads of Training along with Fahad Ali this year. Being a part of MUN for 3 years, I have grown as a person in many ways; be it broadening my knowledge of current world affairs, or learning how to interact with people I’ve never met before. MUN to me is a mix of leadership and friendship along with the compassion and collaboration to solving worldly issues. As Deputy Head of Training, this year I will be helping organize the weekly training sessions in order to prepare the delegates for upcoming conferences and make sure they are all well versed in MUN procedure and the code of conduct. I hope to see you all in our conferences this year. 


 Deputy Head of Training: Fahad Ali

Hi, my name is Fahad Ali, and I'm one of the Deputy Heads of Training. Ever since I started MUN back in year 9, MUN has been an amazing journey and experience. MUN has given me a whole different outlook on current affairs of the world. I will be working closely with my other training colleagues, trying to give both experienced and the new members of the club an informative yet enjoyable experience every week in our training sessions. I remember being a shy and rather confused member of MUN in year 9, and as a result I will try to provide the best possible training methods and information to transform them into empowered and confident members of society. Hope to see you at our upcoming conferences.


Head of Press: Keyona Fazil

Hello! I’m Keyona and I will be your Head of Press in 2017. I believe that the Press team is of vital importance in the MUN community and that this year we will continue to grow and flourish as a part of DCMUN. As an avid reader and writer, I look forward to producing content for the issues released in every conference. Encouraging others to participate and express their political viewpoint on the topics discussed in MUN is of great importance to me. I hope to bring Press more into the centre of this organisation and be able to produce amazing videos and articles to truly capture the essence of MUN. I have been doing MUN for just over two years and I am so grateful for the new experiences it has brought me, and hope that other students will enjoy the MUN experience as much as I have. I look forward to our upcoming conferences and call on those who have talents in photography and writing to get involved with MUN this year. Thank you!



Deputy Head of Press: Jay Stearns 

Hi everyone! My name is Jay Stearns and I am extremely ecstatic to be part of DCMUN X’s executive team. My part in helping the conference flow is through my role as Deputy Head of Press. More specifically, I will be leading the Photography aspect of Press this year. Last year, at DCMUN IX, I was a main footage supplier for the ever-anticipated and hilarious video. With that, I won the Best-Press award for bringing an enthusiastic and productive atmosphere to the Press team. That is something I would like to bring to the future Press team by being Deputy Head of Press.





President of the International Court of Justice: Aimen Mirza

Hello, my name is Aimen Mirza, and it brings me great pleasure to say that I am the Head of ICJ. This position marks a peak in my MUN experience, which started over 2 years ago. My first conference was everything I expected: A harsh introduction to the world of MUN, with a side of sheer humiliation! I remember sending a note saying ‘Do you need any help?’ to the delegate of China, however the admin read China as Chair. One thing led to another, and I ended up getting strange glares from the head chair. After that disaster, I started to participate in more conferences, and eventually realised that getting out of my comfort zone and talking to others, and making speeches, was not so bad after all. In total, I have attended 7 conferences, and I plan to take part in many more. As president of ICJ, I have quite a few tasks to handle. Firstly, I must choose the cases to be debated on the days of the conference, ensure that the teams who wish to partake in the ICJ committee know what they’re doing, read the cases and hence create appropriate evidence packets and memorandums to help them in their debate, and have fun! Not to mention, I must keep the robes and the gavel in shining condition for the conference! This may seem like a burdening job for one person, however, luckily, I will be doing all of this with my deputy and friend, Tareq Sehly. Together, we will make sure that your conference will be as enjoyable as possible. I really look forward to seeing the final product of DCMUN, and know that you can count on the whole executive team to pull off an incredible conference.



Vice President of the International Court of Justice: Tareq Sehly

Hi, my name is Tareq Sehly and I am grateful to receive the role of deputy head of ICJ. I've participated in 6 conferences in MUN so far and can safely say that it has truly allowed me to grow from the timid boy I was in year 9 – a boy who hadn't imagined of joining the Executive Team – to the student I am now. During my first conference, my initial thoughts were "when will this end" and "don't make eye contact, the chair will pick on you", but as I pushed myself into more conferences I gained a lot more confidence which allowed me to freely speak in front of a crowd. My position involves overseeing the ICJ conferences held in DC along with the very capable Aimen Mirza (Head of ICJ), encouraging advocates to speak more, and making sure the Gavel is as shiny as ever. I hope that you can gain from your MUN experience as much as I did and that you find it enjoyable. Welcome to the DC ComMUNity!