General Information ODTC 2016

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DC ODTC 2016 | General Information

Friday, 18 March 2016 | 08:00 AM – 03:00 PM | Doha College


DC ODTC Executive Big 4


President: Nadia Bahemia

Secretary General: Ata Chowdhry

Deputy Secretary-General: Taha Kashaf

Deputy Secretary-General: Akshaya Chandrashekar




DCMUN Director: Mrs Joanne Conly

Deputy Director: Ms Denise Thompson

Press Director: Mrs Nicola Calvert

Co-Director: Mr Jonathan Henley

Co-Director: Miss Anisa Mohmed




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Other Information: WiFi: DC Guest (Username: dcmun | Password: dcmun)

Prayer Rooms are available for both Males and Females in 'Study Room 1' & 'Study Room 2'