ODTC - Issues

The Issues associated with Physical and Digital Borders.

Physical and Digital Borders

Security Council

- The issue of retaliation against Refugees and Immigrants. (Research Report)
- The issue of Cyber Terrorism and Espionage. (Research Report)

Human Right Committee

- The issue of the right to privacy in cyberspace. (Research Report)

- Promoting and protecting the rights of migrant workers. (Research Report)

GA1 (Disarmament and International Security)

- The issue of increased use of Drones/UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in International conflicts. (Research Report)

- The Destabilisation of the Conventional and Technically Advanced Arms trade, and Control on Emerging Technologies in Weaponry. (Research Report)

GA2 (Economic and Financial)

- Promoting access to renewable energy for sustainable development. (Research Report)

- Cyber Security and Protecting against Cyber Warfare. (Research Report)

GA3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

- Furthering women’s participation in and access to information and communication technologies. (Research Report)

- Advancing children’s rights and protection in the digital age. (Research Report)

GA6 (Legal)

- Countering the use of the digital resources for terrorist purposes. (Research Report)

- Reducing the effects of armed conflicts/terrorism on international diplomatic relations. (Research Report)