Security Council:

  • Issue of global recruitment of refugees to terrorist organisations
  • The Issue of South Sudanese Civil War

GA1 (Disarmament and International Security):

  • The issue of countering armed terrorism in refugee host countries
  • The issue of combating the usage of chemical weapons in the Syrian Civil War

GA4 (Special Political and Decolonization):

  • The issue of the allocation of resources within refugee camps
  • The issue of conditions during the relocation of refugees from war torn countries to host countries

GA3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):

  • The issue of integration of refugees into communities of host countries
  • The issue of the promotion and protection of education for refugees

HRC1 (Human Rights Commission 1):

  • The issue of the civil rights of asylum seekers and displaced people
  • The issue of improving conditions in refugee settlements

EC (Environment Commission):

  • The issue of temporary settlements built on environmentally sensitive areas
  • The issue of increased solid waste due to the influx of refugees