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THIMUN Rules and Procedures Manual

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THIMUN Delegate Guide

Adminstrative Handbook

Advisory Panel  Report

Youth Assembly Handbook 

THIMUN 2014 Basic Guidelines

THIMUN Checklist Country

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Sample Work

Sample Opening Speech

Sample Student Officer Research Report

Resolution Template 

Sample Resolutions

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Approval Panel - Resolution Formatting

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Co-submitter Sheet

Ammendment Sheet

UN Publications

Basic Facts about the UN

Everything I wanted to know about the UN activity booklet 

Security Coucil Rules of Procedure

Security Coucil Guideline


Other resources

Web LinkCountry Watch

A website that displays the top headlines and news for a certain headline.

Web Link Worldpress

A website that displays various press articles depending on what you search for.

Web Link CIA Factbook

A factbook that contains genreal demographic information for each country.

Web Link BBC

Contains country profiles for each country. Type your country into the search bar to find this.

Web Link Middle East Model United Nations Newspaper


Resolutions Archive


Folder with sample resolutions from previous years.