DCMUN is a continuously growing, student run organisation under Mr Moore's excellent directorship. The organisation hosts exciting and highly anticipated Model United Nations conferences, twice a year, with an aim to encourage the secondary school students of Qatar to join a community that endorses public speaking, debating, and self confidence.

Students who join DCMUN have the opportunity to take part in many conferences throughout the year, including THIMUN Qatar, an international conference which welcomes close to 1200 delegates every year. However, the pinnacle of these conferences is the annual DCMUN conference hosted by Doha College. Every November, we welcome over 750 participants from about 25 different schools in Qatar to take part in our 3-day conference.

Within an MUN conference, there are many different roles to take part in. Most participants undertake the role of a delegate, with their main task being to represent a country. Delegates produce a document called a resolution, which contains proposed solutions for an important world issue, and they then proceed to debate on the resolution. Speaking in a conference allows delegates to express their countries’ views on the issues at hand, in addition to giving them a chance to increase their self confidence and improve their public speaking skills. The Admin staff are a crucial part of every conference; they make sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. From preparing rooms, to serving food, and passing notes inside committees, it is an opportunity to experience MUN from a different perspective. Members of the Press team are responsible for producing booklets to be handed out both before the conference and after each day of the conference, each one filled with information, articles, and photos. They also serve as our photographers, and produce the ever-anticipated conference video. Student officers are responsible for chairing the debates, as well as ensuring there is order within a committee. They also produce the research reports created before the conference, which allow delegates to learn more about the issues they will be debating.

Those who decide to take part in such an amazing platform will see their confidence, public speaking skills, and communication skills improve, as they are put into situations that require them to step outside of their comfort zone and speak in front of a room, or work with strangers to come up with solutions to topical issues regarding today’s world. No matter what role an individual decides to undertake within a conference, each individual who attends a conference will learn something new about themselves and the planet we call our home. Doha College is known for consistently providing an excellent experience to the students who attend their conferences. Students at Doha College are trained by more experience members of DCMUN every week, giving them a chance to improve their skills and knowledge. DCMUN is a seed bed for growing leaders, allowing them to learn the skills they need to make changes and improve our world. Due to this, students should see the ECA of MUN as not only an incredible opportunity, but also an exceptional experience that cannot be missed.


Greetings and salutations to all members of Doha College Model United Nations (DCMUN) and those thinking of joining (which I strongly urge you to do!).

I am a History and Sociology Teacher, here at Doha College, and have also taught Government & Politics in my previous school. I have been involved in politics most of my life. I have found it to be fascinating, exciting and contentious. MUN gives its members an understanding of global politics and helps them make sense of how aspects of foreign policy are formed and negotiated. MUN members understand the role global politics has in shaping our society and how active citizens can make the world a better place. I would wholeheartedly encourage students get involved in DCMUN not just to be our potential future leaders, but a positive force for global change.

As well as improving a plethora of skills in leadership, organisation, chairing and public speaking, DCMUN gives its members skills that are usable beyond Doha College: in further education, volunteering and employment. Not to mention meeting top level diplomats, ambassadors and global activists. I am proud that, members of DCMUN, research and address issues that need more attention in our media and speak for those who have no voice and little power. I would urge those who feel likewise, and are not members, to join us and sign up for DCMUN.

Joining DCMUN has been so exciting for me because it strives to be the best there is. It is impressive to see that so many delegates have the possibility to reach their potential in so many variety of ways. MUN represents the best in education. Through it’s student-centred activities it fosters divergent thinking and creativity – thinking about many possible answers to creatively solve real world problems. The best learning happens in groups. It’s called collaborative learning. At DCMUN we pride ourselves in delegates huddling over laptops, merging their ideas, lobbying for support, they are collaborating to solve real world problems. The best learning is also independent learning. Where people research, write complex resolutions in the sophisticated and technical language of the United Nations, about real issues affecting our lives right now. Above all the MUN develops skills in public speaking. Many delegates tell me that MUN is the first time they have had to stand before a group of their peers and deliver a speech. Time and time again, I have seen people who are shy and withdrawn rise up to their full height and potential to deliver their ideas and thoughts in a creative way. They develop confidence and humility. But this is usually only the beginning.

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Rohan Gupta has the honour of serving as the President for DCMUN 2020. As President, Rohan will be leading his team to plan and execute 2 DCMUN conferences this year and he hopes that they will  be unforgettable experiences for everyone attending. He is an Indian student currently studying in Year 12 at Doha College. Extremely interested in ongoing matters in the world today, Rohan is an intellectual and inquisitive learner, and MUN has enabled him to develop his confidence, ability to express his thoughts on world issues coherently and cohesively. Not only that, but he believes MUN is the single best activity for preparing today’s students to be future leaders in our world as well as the strongest platform to sharpen the youth into forces of reformation. Through his experience, passion and commitment, he has endeavoured to take MUN beyond the walls of a debate room, to offer a new perspective on global affairs to students in his community. Moreover, Rohan is extremely devoted to helping in the community and has been actively involved with service clubs and projects in NGOs globally. In addition to this, he hopes to pursue a career that incorporates his traits in decision making and leadership, to further his humanitarian efforts and interest in global governance. Rohan looks forward to meeting and welcoming  you all at our conference!

Raha Khorasani will be honorably serving as your Secretary General for this year’s ODTC and DCMUN. Ever since joining MUN in 2016, Raha has been constantly inspired by the community of MUN-ers who have shined light on various issues across the world. She finds the passion and intelligence in a committee of debaters exhilarating and thus wanted to become part of the team who provides this experience for other people. Raha is an open-minded individual who has an intuitive passion for learning. She hopes to be a friendly and approachable figure for all delegates and participants in this years’ conference to interact and engage with. Another one of Raha’s aims this year is to create a platform where the words we write on a resolution can truly turn into action whether that is through community service or workshops. So if you have any ideas on how we can enrich our MUN experience and help out the community please do not hesitate to contact her. She is extremely excited to share this year’s experience with everyone attending the conference and hopes your experience will be an unforgettable one.

Nour Maarouf, is a year 12 student, who is honoured to serve this year as Deputy of the Secretary General. Nour started her MUN journey in year 9 where she instantly loved the debating world as she watched intellectual delegates speak eloquently about the issues surrounding the world. MUN has widely impacted Nour’s personality as she became more confident, resilient and independant. Nour is always so exhilarated to see students all with different backgrounds unite to discuss a certain agenda, and she thinks that it’s truly fascinating that each person debates the issue from their nations perspective rather than their own. She believes that this causes them to bloom into open-minded individuals. Nour’s goal for DCMUN this year is to motivate young delegates to courageously speak their mind and also shape them into ambitious delegates as they develop their social and communication skills. Her hope is to keep DCMUN enjoyable while remaining both political and professional and to educate them about issues that are going on to prevent ignorance. Nour is eager to share her experience with the delegates and she plans to dedicate her time and effort to better the club as a whole and ensure a real difference is made, not only in committee halls but outside too.

Noureldin Ali’s passion for MUN conferences blossomed in Year 9. After entering his first conference, as a delegate, he quickly fell in love with the idea of acting like a diplomat of a foreign nation, lobbying to strengthen resolutions, and debating to challenge ideas and reinforce others. Around a dozen conferences later, he was honoured with the opportunity to create change in a club with a long-standing heritage, like none other in Qatar, and one that had always stuck very closely to its traditions, but in his eyes, perhaps a little too much.

One of Noureldin’s aims is to create a platform to showcase the talented individuals partaking in MUN conferences, with the hope of bringing light to the immense effort and passion they put into their craft. Another of his aims is to publish all of the passed resolutions at the end of each DCMUN conference. He hopes that, with this, we can better showcase the high-quality solutions, to the vast issues of today’s world, curated by the delegates attending these conferences. Concluding with his aspirational dream of having these resolutions reach the eyes of the powerful individuals at the United Nations, inspiring them to act on these issues.

Akash Deshmukh, a Year 12 Doha College student, is currently the head of Admin for DCMUN. With a passion for organization and planning, he provides DCMUN with a sense of structure and sophistication. With a passion for excellence, he, alongside his admin team members, provide a backbone to the DCMUN conferences, ensuring that the days run smoothly as possible. Akash aims to elevate the DCMUN conference experience by using his skills in graphic design, team leading, communication and more, to best solve the logistical problems faced by organizing a conference of such a grand scale while simultaneously ensuring that the quality of the conference is never compromised. He is a valuable member of the team that is consistently providing insight and ideas that push the conference to the high standard that they are and hopes to use his experience from this endeavour to continue with high-level organization and planning.

Sabah Imran is a student who is acting as Head of Press this year. She has been partaking in MUN since 2016 and took a strong interest in press after studying photography as an IGCSE course. This gave her an interest in journalism and photography which encouraged her to apply for this position. As head of press, her role in the conference is creating a pre-conference booklet, post-conference booklet and a video of the conference itself- alongside the Deputy Head and the rest of the team. She would recommend press as a good role in MUN, as it gives an overview of the whole conference and is a vital part of it. Sabah believes that her involvement in MUN greatly helped her in many areas, such as public speaking and group work; for these reasons she strongly encourages others to take part in DCMUN – as she credits it for a lot of useful skills she has gained.

Alexander Taylor is the Deputy Head of Press for DCMUN  for the year of 2020. As Deputy Head, Xander must overlook the production of certain parts of the conference while also helping the Head of Press whenever he can. He must also try and make the life of the Big 4 as easy as possible.

Xander has been taking photos for a large portion of his life and discovered DCMUN in 2019 where he was part of the photographers’ section of the press team. Xander really enjoys the culture of MUN as it is very fast moving for his position and challenges him in new areas of media and photography, helping him strive towards his dream career. MUN consistently provides Xander with opportunities to learn new skills and practice on programs he has never used before. He has always wanted to have a leadership position and now, with the help of MUN, he has finally found something he loves. He is doing everything to make sure he does the best job possible, to provide a seamless press and design experience for DCMUN.

As this year’s Chairwoman of the Club, Ailsa Cameron has the honour to oversee and organise the weekly meetings for MUN. Although not directly involved in the conferences, Ailsa has the vital task of ensuring that each and every delegate is prepared and confident in themselves before entering the debate rooms, allowing them to optimise their experiences and have as much fun and enjoyment as possible. 

With many exciting and invigorating activities planned for this year, Ailsa hopes to inspire younger students to join the club and get a taste of what MUN has to offer, providing the opportunity for every delegate to experience the exhilaration and rush of adrenaline whilst debating. She hopes that the club will help to spark ideas and motivation for young people to rise up and speak for what they believe in, and invoke a change in the world, as well as educating about relevant world issues. 

It is with this prospect of excitement and motivation that Ailsa is enthusiastic to have a productive and dynamic year, hoping that each delegate will experience something long-lasting and memorable!

Serving as Deputy Chairwoman for this year’s ODTC and DCMUN, Giulia Pinna  hopes to create an enjoyable, challenging and educative atmosphere within the DCMUN Club. Throughout this year, Giulia has the essential task of working together with the Chairwoman of the DCMUN club in order to ensure that all delegates, admins and press are confident and ready for conferences. 

Giulia’s aim for this year is to create an enjoyable experience within the club through new and exciting activities, inspiring speeches and lively debate. She hopes that by making the club a more stimulating experience and giving students a taste of how wonderful, exhilarating and dynamic MUN is, more students will take part. She also hopes to show students how interesting and crucial debating world issues and sharing solutions to them is in order for us to create a better world. 

Giulia is excited to take on this role and hopes that she will motivate those who haven’t already joined MUN to do so, provide an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for all attending students and create memorable experiences each week.

Over the course of the following year, Shreyas Venkatesh has the honor and privilege to serve as the Head of MUN Impact for DCMUN. His eagerness towards MUN was ignited in 2016 when he had partaken in his first DCMUN conference as a delegate. Since then, Shreyas has been a diligent member of the MUN community, and now continues his MUN journey with this distinguished position.

Over the course of the coming year, one of Shreyas’s aims is to tackle the issues that plague the world we live in today. With the support of the DCMUN Executive Team, he will implement his ideas to enforce the 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through various community projects around the country. In doing so, he wishes to spark some innovation and transform Qatar into a more sustainable country for future generations. Ultimately, with his post as the Head of MUN Impact, Shreyas hopes to not only be the benefactor of change but to also inspire change in the community by taking initiative and involving the community in various projects. Lastly, as a member of the Executive Team, he has and shall continue to support the rest of the team in all their activities, assisting in the process of creating a phenomenal conference.

If you have any suggestions to improve DCMUN’s impact on the community, please don’t hesitate to contact Shreyas or any other Executive members. Finally, he does not doubt that with the prowess of the Executive Team, this will be an exceptional year.

Abdullah Abbassi, a student in year 12, is serving as President of ICJ in DCMUN this year. His passion for debating and politics encouraged him to attend his first conference as advocate in 2018, and since then he continued to be an advocate a numerous amount of times – in many different conferences. Abdullah believes that his participation in MUN has helped him gain public speaking and leadership skills, for these reasons he encourages joining MUN – as the skills learnt from it are helpful, valuable and applicable to many other situations. His aim this year as President of ICJ is to encourage more students to participate as advocates; he believes that he, with the help of his deputy, can create a fun, welcoming environment in ICJ where advocates can debate confidently and feel rewarded for their work. Abdullah strongly encourages participation in MUN this year and looks forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Dominick Ponce, a year 12 student privileged to fill the role of Deputy Justice for ICJ in DCMUN. A desire to try something new led to his enrollment into ICJ in 2018 as an advocate for Chad and ever since has had the pleasure of  being part of the ICJ conference and team as an Advocate, Judge and now as Deputy Justice diligently working to make the conference enjoyable to everyone involved. 

As Deputy Head, Dominick hopes to ensure sure that conference can run smoothly and that the cases are led well by assisting the President in assuring a successful and memorable conference for the Advocates and Judges.

Dominick’s own MUN experience helped to boost his confidence and enabled him to learn valuable skills which he hopes he can instill in the advocates he will lead and encourages any even those that feel unable to take part and looked forward to seeing the advocates in MUN.