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December 9th 2021


Are we on track for the future we envisioned?

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Measures to improve safety of school going children in hostile areas with a focus on combatting school attacks

The issue of Kurdistan

Measures to combat propaganda and misinformation

Measures to implement limitations on weaponisation of artificial intelligence to address its potential risks to civilians

Measures to decrease the digital divide

Measures to maintain the economy in an aging population

Measures to improve gender equality in education

Measures to improve immigrants’ rights in Europe

Measures to increase diversity in school curriculums

Addressing the privileges of UN peacekeeping personnel

Measures to increase student involvement in legislation

Designing a framework for Electoral Integrity

Measures to improve access to education and inclusion of children with disabilities

Measures to address corporate pollution in Public Water Supply

Fostering digital civic engagement among young people

Measures to combat organized crime

Improving the access to education for children in the developing world

Designing frameworks to strengthen global resilience against virus outbreaks