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26th - 28th November 2020


Resilience and Recovery


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Security Council (UNSC)

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Historic Security Council

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Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

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Human Rights Council 1 (UNHRC)

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Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC)

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World Health Assembly (WHA)

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International Court of Justice (ICJ)

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The Situation in Berlin.

The Situation in Kashmir.

The Persian Gulf Crisis.

The South Sudanese Civil War.

The Situation in Hong Kong.

The Issue of Reinstating Peace in Afghanistan.

Addressing Increased Tensions between Israel and the State of Palestine.

The Question of the South China Sea.

Measures to Regain the Rate of Economic Growth Post-COVID-19.

Addressing the Issue of Tax Evasion of Multinational Corporations.

The Economic Repercussions Resulting from the Automation of Jobs.

Measures to Combat the Emergence of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

Measures to Protect Threatened World Heritage Sites and Natural Areas.

Preventing Corruption and Financial Crimes in Sports.

Restoring Political Stability in Post-Conflict Countries.

The Issue of the Displacement of Indigenous Tribes.

The Situation in the Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

Implementing Measures to Eradicate Contemporary Forms of Slavery.

Measures to Reform the Juvenile Justice System.

The Question of Child Marriage of Girls in Africa.

Addressing the Human Rights Violations in West Papua, Indonesia.

Addressing the Extrajudicial Killings and War on Drugs in the Philippines.

Protecting the Human Rights of Asylum Seekers Stranded on Borders.

Eliminating Widespread Poaching and Protecting Endangered Species.

Measures of Combating Wildfires and their Environmental Consequences.

Considering the Environmental Repercussions caused by the ‘Fast-Fashion’ Industry.

Managing the Threat to Global Health caused by Vaccine Hesitancy.

Measures to Prevent and Prepare for Future Pandemics and Recover from their Effects.

Advancing the Global Effort to Combat the Spread of HIV/AIDS.

Measures to Prevent Youth Crime and Reintegrate Offenders.

Measures to Prevent the Proliferation of Drug Cartels in South America.

The Issue of Weapons Trafficking in South East Asia.

Addressing Conflicts Arising from Food Insecurity due to Climate Change.

The Illicit Trade of Consumer Goods on E-Commerce Platforms.

The Question of Civilian Use of Firearms for Self-Defense.

Addressing the Dangers of Outdated and Insecure Nuclear Power Plants and Arsenals.

The Question of Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Combating Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials.

Aerial Herbicide Spraying (Ecuador v. Colombia) – 2013.

Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Belgium v. Switzerland) – 2009.



President: Kayana Elmaadi

Deputy President: Yousef Ashkar

Deputy President: Karima Ali

President: Mathula Muhundan

Deputy President: Kapil Pownikar

Deputy President: Mohamed Karmi

Head Chair: Emilio Egger Prieto

Deputy Chair: Johanna Sarsonas

Deputy Chair: Arunima Srivsatav

Head Chair: Saumya Murgai

Deputy Chair: Gusti Rais

Deputy Chair: Faye Hashim

Head Chair: Elina Kalmouni

Deputy Chair: Majed Elkhalifa

Deputy Chair: Varsha Senthilkumar

Head Chair: Arya Kanade

Deputy Chair: Maram Judia

Deputy Chair: Fahd Fares

President: Yara Elbably

Deputy President: Anushka Jain

Deputy President: Abdulla Babikr

President: Ahmad Khan

Deputy President: Rasha Abduljabbar

Deputy President: Trisha Nityanand

President: Michael Berendt

Deputy President: Nadine Elkassas

Deputy President: Aayami Jaguri

President: Nina Nair

Deputy President: Leena Fraihat

Deputy President: Mohammad Jaski

President: Shivom Dhamija

Deputy President: Imaan Hussain

Deputy President: Amal Elcharbini

President: Mohammad Faiz Mahmood

Deputy President: Nisarga Kumuda

Deputy President: Emaan Izhaar

President: Sai Surag Lingampalli

Deputy President: Mohak Vaswani

Deputy President: Lamya Adam

President: Abdullah Abbassi

Deputy President: Xiangtong Liu